Unionville Michigan

Summer work: Village to fix, replace storm sewers

UNIONVILLE – Storm sewers are getting some needed attention this summer in Unionville.
Work is planned for storm sewers on Phelps and Marvin streets. Macfarlane Trucking will make repairs and improvements to the storm sewer line on Marvin Street while Monchilov Sewer Service will be paid $5,800 to make repairs to two 12-by-48-inch portions of the Phelps Street storm sewer.
The latter issues arose when Monchilov cleaned out the sewer line and sent a robotic camera into the line to survey its condition. After receiving that assessment at its June 21 session, the village council voted to hire Monchilov to make the needed repairs.
Macfarlane informed the council the materials have been ordered for the Marvin Street project and the work will begin when the materials are delivered.
At the same time, paving of Phelps Street will be delayed until after Sept. 15 because the paving company is tied up with Michigan Department of Transportation projects.
In the meantime, a sidewalk repair project in that same area will be done by the end of July.
The council also: