FREMONT TWP. — Lyle Fryers wants to be retired. And the Fremont Township board wants to make that possible.

FREMONT TWP.  —   Lyle Fryers wants to be retired.

And the Fremont Township board wants to make that possible.

In that vein, the board voted Feb. 9 to change the pay for Fryers, zoning administrator in the township of 3,167 residents. Instead of putting money into a pension for Fryers, the board voted to raise his pay by $5,000 a year and to begin paying him mileage.

Treasurer Candi Franzel also suggested paying Fryers monthly instead of quarterly, though the board did not act on that recommendation.

All of this, however, got the board members thinking. They decided to have clerk Amy Holbrook explore getting rid of the pension plans for board members and moving that money instead into the members’ annual pay.

In the meantime, Holbrook is going to advertise again for a new zoning administrator.

The board also:

■ Approved a three-year contract with Nick Osentowski and Discrete Services of Kingston to mow the sides of township roads between the last week of June and the first week of July.

■ Told a resident the township requires a vault in both Fremont Township and North Grove cemeteries and does not allow green burials. A green burial is the interment of the body of a dead person in the soil in a manner that allows the body to be naturally recycled. 

■ Learned the cemetery caretaker has taken down one more tree and has two more to be taken down.

■ Learned Supervisor Matt Blatt has yet to receive any quotes for road projects from the Tuscola County Road Commission. The township also is waiting on information on what the road commission is going to do about work already done on Washburn Road that has failed.

■ Learned the Mayville Fire Dept. has ordered a new fire engine and it will be delivered in July.