Mayor Karen Snider called the regular meeting of the City Council to order on December 5, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers.
Present: Mayor Karen Snider, City Council: Emily Campbell, Bob Eschenbacher, Don Hall, Pamela Iseler, Charlotte Kish, and Jill White.
Absent: None
Others: Lauren Amellal – Interim City Manager/Director of Development & Strategic Initiatives, Jana Brown – Deputy City Clerk, Michele Perry – City Treasurer, Tom Reese – Director of Public Works, Rita Papp – Clerk, and other guests.
Additions: #10 RFQ/QBS WWTP Process
Sue Ellen Greenlee spoke regarding the November 8, 2022, election results and the handling of swearing in new council members.
Jill White commented on Sue Ellen Greenlee’s letter and requested to add #11 – Election Handling to the agenda.

  1. F-35 Letter of Support
  2. Letter from American Legion
  3. Parks & Recreation Minutes November 15, 2022 (unapproved)
  4. MML Newly Elected Officials Training
  5. City Manager
  6. Finance Committee of the Whole Minutes – November 21, 2022
  7. Regular Council Minutes – November 21, 2022
  8. Special Council Minutes – November 28, 2022 (with amendments to Herb Sheardy’s public comment)
  9. Invoices
    Motion by White seconded by Campbell to approve the consent agenda as presented with the change to the November 28, 2022 Special Council Minutes and including invoices.
    Motion Carried.
  10. Versalift Bucket Truck
    Motion by White seconded by Kish to deny the purchase of the 2004 Chevy Bucket Truck and continue to use Ken Martin for banner placement and other items needing a boom truck.
    Motion Carried.
  11. Fire Department EMT
    Motion by Eschenbacher seconded by Kish to postpone the item for further discussion.
    Motion Carried
  12. Liaison Discussion
    Discussion held regarding Fair Board liaison. Mayor Snider will take the request to change liaisons under advisement. Mayor Snider provided handout of Councilmember Liaison Job Description.
  13. Board of Review Appointments
    Clarification of current member Joseph Zinger’s reappointment in January 2022 with a term ending in January 2025.
    Motion by Kish seconded by Campbell to reappoint Joseph Zinger.
    Motion Carried.
    Discussion held regarding two applicants to fill one vacancy to the Board of Review
    Motion by Kish seconded by Iseler to appoint Brian Wilson to the Board of Review.
    Motion Carried.
  14. Certificate of Deposit Report – CD Reinvestment
    Presentation given by Treasurer – Michele Perry, regarding current CD investments and upcoming CD reinvestment opportunities.
    Motion by Eschenbacher seconded by Campbell to approve City Treasurer – Michele Perry, to reinvest the CDs as follows: All Huntington Bank CDs listed to 4-month CDs at either 2.85% or current rate and move the Independent Bank CD into CDARS for 4 weeks at 2.7% or current rate.
    Motion Carries.
    Motion by Eschenbacher seconded by Campbell to allow Treasurer – Michele Perry, to work with the new City Manager, Scott Czasak, investigating and possibly acting on cashing in 4 CDs at Independent Bank early to reinvest at a higher rate for short term.
    Motion Carried.
  15. Planning Commission Seats
    Discussion held regarding reducing the number of Planning Commission seats being reduced from nine to seven.
    Motion by Eschenbacher seconded by Campbell to recommend the City Council acting as the highest legislative elected body serving in the City of Caro accept the motioned request of the Planning Commission to set the number of seats on the City of Caro Planning Commission to seven.
    Motion Carried.
  16. Well Modeling Services – Rowe Engineering

Discussion held regarding new well.
Motion by Eschenbacher seconded by White to accept Rowes estimate for professional services of modeling the water system effects for both well sites for purpose of comparison and not to exceed $5,000.00.
Motion Carried.

  1. Rowe Planner Contract
    Motion by White seconded by Campbell to authorize the City Manager to send the contract to legal for comment, prior to approval and authorize the permanent City Manager to have final approval.
    Motion Carried.
  2. Spark Grant Resolution
    Motion by White seconded by Iseler to move forward with the Resolution of Authorization to Apply With Local Government Match.
    Roll call vote: Campbell – yes, Eschenbacher – yes, Hall – yes, Iseler – yes, Kish – no, White – yes, Mayor Snider – no.
    Motion Carried
  3. RFQ/QBS WWTP Process
    Motion by Eschenbacher seconded by Campbell to form a subcommittee to select the firm etc., with time to review RFQs which must be set prior to the December 19th meeting.
    Motion Carried.
    Subcommittee to meet December 19, 2022, at 5:30 p.m. Subcommittee to include council members Bob Eschenbacher and Charlotte Kish, City Manager – Scott Czasak and department heads.
  4. Election Handling
    Motion by White seconded by Iseler to not to change the Monday night council meeting to allow for setting up for an election the next day.
    Motion Carried.
  5. Parks & Recreation Committee – Fence Quotes
  6. CDL Licensing
  7. DPW Parking Lot Quotes
    MAYOR’S REPORT – Written report submitted. Steve Erickson will be at the December 19th meeting to discuss the Blight Elimination Program.
    INTERIM MANAGER’S REPORT – Written report submitted. Added update on the Small Urban Task Force meeting.
    CLERK’S REPORT – Written report submitted

Tanya Batschke commented on branches between street/gutter & sidewalk along with the dumping of pallets and tires at a dumpster at the Post Office. Also inquired how to dispose of trees and tires.
Allan Michel commented on the recent skip patching through town, fall decorations from his business, demolition of the old police building, light repair in front of Montague Place Apartments and Planning Commission
Michele Perry commented on Rita Papp’s handling of the November Election.
Allan Michel commented regarding a parking issue and his vehicle being towed.
Scott Czasak thanked council for the opportunity and looks forward to breaking the streak of short-term managers.
Jill White commented on the success of the home tour on Sunday and branches in the street.
Motion by Eschenbacher seconded by Campbell to adjourn the meeting at 8:56 p.m.
Motion Carried.

Jana Brown
Deputy City Clerk