In an effort to get summer back to normal for baseball fans, Major League Baseball has shortened the 2020 season. Tuscola County’s WKYO 1360AM will again take listeners along for the race to the pennant.

The Caro-based radio station will begin broadcasting Detroit Tigers games when the team’s season begins on Friday.

According to, on July 6, a 60-game schedule was unveiled, in lieu of the standard 162 game plan. It includes 40 games against opponents from each team’s own division (10 games each against four division rivals), plus 20 games spread among opponents from a team’s opposite league’s corresponding geographical division (East vs. East, Central vs. Central and West vs. West). 

This will all set up the postseason, which will maintain the standard 10-team format. The shortened regular season schedule will run through Sept. 27.

“WKYO has been affiliated with the Detroit Tigers for almost 10 years, and we’re excited that we can bring some of America’s pastime to the homes of Tuscola County residents,” said Bob Hughes, the station’s program director. “Although the league seemed certain about the start, we needed to see how Michigan was going to respond considering current restrictions regarding events and gatherings. 

We actually only started talking with sponsors and advertisers about two weeks prior to the expected start of the season, just in case.”

Hughes added, “Also, with restrictions placed upon attending games this year, we hope listeners will appreciate hearing the games on the radio more than ever, and that makes us feel good about what we do.”

If your business would like to be involved in Tiger baseball on WKYO, please call 989-673-3181 and ask for radio sales.