(Photo by John Cook) A Caro firefighter douses a shed fire at Monday morning at 110 Rodd Drive in Caro. The fire destroyed the shed and a camper next to it. It was extinguished before spreading to nearby homes.

A fire destroyed a shed, camper and nearly spread to two houses Monday before firefighters successfully extinguished the blaze.

At about 11 a.m., the Caro Fire Department was summoned to 110 Rodd Drive, near M-24, in Caro. Upon arrival, firefighters found the shed, which sat at the end of the driveway engulfed in flames. The fire had spread to a Cascade motorhome sitting next to the shed and to the branches of a large tree just above the shed.

A small fire began carving a path toward the house next door – at 96 Rodd Drive – but the fire was extinguished before igniting the house, which is about 15 feet from the shed. 

The home at 110 Rodd Drive was only a few feet away from the motorhome, but the fire was contained before spreading.

Caro fire officials did not immediately know the cause of the blaze. No one was injured.

The Caro Fire Department responded at about 5:15 p.m. Sunday to a house fire at 638 Lincoln Street in Caro. Fire Chief Randall Heckroth said no one was injured in that blaze, which drew assistance from the Mayville Fire Department.

He added that the fire either started in the basement of the home or on the floor of the main level, and nearly burned a hole through the floor.