Editor, Advertiser:

St. Lorenz Lutheran Church has substituted a Glenn Beck created and Koch Brother funded political program for teaching the Gospel in it’s 4 day session the week of Aug. 4. Isn’t it ironic that they turned their back on founder, Martin Luther, who fought for the separation of church and state in Germany when the Catholic church was involved in government, trying to make that religion be the country’s only faith? How can the TEA party Zealots be put on a pedestal when they have been so disrespectful of our President. Other countries of the world are also disenchanted by such un-Godly and undeserved treatment of a person with his power.

While St. Lorenz states it wants to share everyone’s burdens and help those in need, the message of Liberty School is to disrespect our government and “socialism”, which to TEA Partiers means social programs as Medicare, Medicaid, and Public Assistance. This is purely rhetoric of the far right Republican party and is unfair for families in that church whose viewpoints differ. Painting a picture of     all our forefathers as Christians and implying our country is in disarray because of infiltration of and the Right’s intolerance of other religions and races is not what we should be teaching our children. Their desire for liberty seems to be    only for the affluent, Christians, and white men as their representatives in government have fought against rights of immigrants, Muslims, and women, while supporting the wealthy corporations who are be-traying our country with setting up business in other countries and escaping tax breaks-the very tax money that is needed in our country’s social system. Yes, these are the monies we should be using for our own people. We would still be able to follow god’s command “to welcome strangers” (as Central American Children) and feed and clothe them too if Corporations were not so greedy.

Perhaps the IRS will be made aware of this since beginning to investigate other churches who have been preach-ing politics in church.

Dee Dickinson