Editor, Advertiser:

About 70 years ago I helped my dad clear an 80 acre farm for one of our neighbors. He wanted to make a farm, we wanted the wood, and we did it all with axes. I was 13-15, a girl.

Now I read where Mr. Jonas is upset at the city for not finishing a stump-chipping project. He is aware money is short. In my estimation, unless Mr. Jonas is crippled, there is no reason why he could not rake up the mess, bag it, and haul it to Almer Dump. They are open Wednes-days 1-5 and Saturdays 10-2. You will find it several miles north on Luder Road. They take trees, brush, stones and concrete only.

I haul my brush by the carload every year. I am now 85 and I do not like to hear people say “That’s not my job.”


Virginia E. Dennis