Editor, Advertiser:

The little town of Vassar has found itself in a controversy resulting from Obama’s attempt at back door amnesty. Since the majority in congress and the general public is against amnesty, the president has again forced his will on the country. Pretending to be surprised by the invasion of illegals into the U.S., he has done nothing to stop it. To the contrary, he has been preparing for it. He used an executive order to convey to South & Central American countries that if children set foot on American soil, they will be allowed to stay. In January, an ad was placed on a Government website (FedBizOpps.gov) entitled “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children”. If you read the ad, you will see there is absolutely no intent to return anyone to their country of origin, but to assimilate them into towns and cities all over the U.S. These children do not qualify under the law as immigrants or refugees; they are criminals as soon as they hit American soil.

Every year we welcome 800,000 to one million immigrants into this country legally. We send millions of dollars in foreign aid to many countries including El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Churches and civic groups send medical teams, eyeglass & dental clinics to aid the people. We are a very generous nation, but we cannot absorb every countries children into our society just because they have problems in their homeland. We can do what we can to help them, but it is the responsibility of their leaders to care for their own people in their own country.

Lady Liberty’s back is breaking and the U.S. coffers are empty. We have veterans dying waiting to see doctors and mentally ill people going untreated. Homeless shelters are bursting at the seams and food pantry shelves are emptied as fast as donations come in. We have record numbers of unemployed and record number of people receiving welfare.

If we had a real president who took his oath of office seriously, we would not be faced with this problem. A real leader would not use children to further a selfish political goal. Obama has put at risk the national well-being of all Americans by opening the door to drug dealers, gunrunners, gangs and potential terrorists. If the president was sincere about protecting the U.S., he would have acted as soon as he was alerted that these people were on the move to our border in mass. It is documented that he knew this in the fall of 2013. Four mid-west women could have solved this problem over lunch. Send the National Guard to the four southern border states as a show of force and to help the Border Patrol. Give the governors as many boots on the ground as they want. Tell Mexico to close their northern border. If they do not, they get no more aid and special treatment from us and we will not accept any exports from them. Tell the leaders in Congress to change the 2008 law regarding these children and have the bill on the president’s desk in one week. Ask the Red Cross and Salvation Army to come to the border states just as they do for any other national disaster. Triage all the illegal’s and treat their injuries and diseases (in those states). Give them food and clothes, if they need them. Then start sending them back with written instructions how to immigrate legally. In a few days, the world would get the message that our border is secure. Anything short of this action will only make the problem worse. Knowing the goodness of our citizens, people from all over the country would send contributions to the Red Cross and Salvation Army to pay for this humanitarian and patriotic effort. It is not that Mr. Harvard graduate cannot figure this out, it is that he wants this to happen.

Vassar has been drawn into this created crisis because of Wolverine Human Services. This company has been an asset to Vassar for many years. They have mentored troubled Michigan youth and worked with the Vassar School System to continue their educational needs. As much as I know, outside of a few fights and several walk-a-ways, all has gone smooth with the facility, which for many years was near or at capacity. When Democratic Governor Granholm was in office, funding was cut to the facility, leaving them with many open beds and the school district with fewer students on count day.

For Wolverine and Vassar Schools the millions of taxpayer dollars that has been dangled in front of them looks to good to pass up. However, how can they teach children that we are a nation of laws and then agree to take these law-breakers into their facility? How can they teach them about legal immigration and then condone the invasion of our country? They are putting their good name on the line for money and cannot give us any assurance that these illegal aliens will not be turned loose into the community. Senator Marco Rubio said last week that 90% of these people do not show up for their deportation hearing and it is likely the majority will be able to stay in the U.S. It is time for Wolverine and the Vassar community to take a stand against the Obama administration’s unlawful immigration policy. Vassar residents should contact their state representatives to re-instate funds for Wolverine Services. Do it right and do not get into this Obama muck because you will come out stinking.

There is nothing more American then peaceful protest. Protests against this invasion started in California and are popping up in more places as people realize what is actually happening in their states. Every American’s mantra should be “Secure The Border.” I was proud to walk with fellow Americans from City Hall to Wolverine where we prayed together and sang God Bless America. Bet you did not see that on the evening news!

Janet H. Hecht